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"One of the major results of Contrology is gaining the mastery of the mind over the complete control of your body"

Joseph Pilates, Return to Life, p19

Whether you are just getting started with exercise, an elite athlete, 15 years old or 65 years old, your body can enjoy the many benefits of Pilates. These goals and benefits include:

  • improved co-ordination

  • mobility and flexibility

  • core strength

  • efficient movement

  • mind-body connection

  • awareness of breath and its impact on the body

  • functional strength

  • movement meditation or mindfulness

Our clinicians are trained in clinical Pilates, and combining that with our physiotherapy skills we can adapt and facilitate movements so you get the most out of each class. 

Classes are limited to 8 participants to ensure you get the attention you need.

Through the use of Springboards and small Pilates props, exercises are modified to support and facilitate movement, or challenge your strength and control. This adds another level of variety to your work out, keeping your body guessing and workouts fun!

All clients require a 1:1 initial assessment prior to attending class. This is important to be sure we accommodate any current or previous injuries and medical conditions. We also assess your current ability level, allowing us to get to know what your key "work-on's" are, exercises to get you started and direct you to the right level of class. We will also introduce you to the Pilates equipment studio.


We provide 1:1 private Pilates sessions. These are great for anyone wanting to target specific areas or injuries in more depth, or if you just aren't quite yet ready to move into a group classes.

Book your initial assessment today to start your own Pilates journey, your body will thank you!

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