Pilates Studio - Classes 

Form Fundamentals

Form Foundations is a class aimed at introducing you to the key Pilates principles; breathing, concentration, core control, centering, precision, balanced muscle development, mind-body awareness and rhythm.  

Anyone can come to this class and experience the benefits, including:

  • improved posture

  • flexibility/mobility

  • increased core strength

  • coordination

  • efficient movement

  • relaxation

  • whole body strength and movement

This class utilises the spring board and various small equipment on the mat (Pilates balls, rollers, rings, thera-band).

Get to know your body and what it can achieve with Pilates instruction. Classes are limited to 8 participants so you get a more personalised experience. If you have not attended one of our classes before you will need to book a 1:1 Pilates assessment first. This enables us to help you achieve more out of your class by learning about any pre-existing conditions or injuries so we can give you the right advice during the class. If you have aches and pains talk to us about how Pilates can help and discuss if this class is right for you. 

Call or email us if you would like to know more.

Form Progressions

Form Progressions is a class where you will build on the fundamental principles of Pilates, challenging your body and control in new ways. This is achieved through:

  • integrating new movements to your pilates repertoire

  • working with less support 

  • increasing movement complexity

  • resistance.


To attend this class you must have previous, recent Pilates experience and have had a 1:1 Pilates assessment. If you have been attending the Form Foundations classes and want to challenge your body and mind further, please discuss this with your instructor to find out if this class would be right for you!

This class is limited to 8 participants to allow for greater observation and personalised progressions as required during exercises.

Call or email us to find out more!

Antenatal + Post-natal

Our Antenatal + Post-natal Pilates class is aimed at helping you keep good postural form, muscle length, flexibility and strength throughout your pregnancy and beyond. This can reduce pregnancy related pain, compensatory movement patterns, reduce stress, anxiety and insomnia, reduce incidence of incontinence and rectus diastasis abdominus.


Benefits include:

  • Relaxation

  • Relieve tension

  • Maintain spinal mobility

  • Emphasise good posture

  • Maintain pelvic floor activation

  • General muscle strength and tone

  • Reinforce glute function


These classes run in 6 week blocks dependant on demand. All classes are limited to 6 people, ensuring you get the attention you deserve. We use foam wedges specifically designed for pregnancy so you don’t lie flat on your back and are comfortable exercising. There are many considerations to exercise during pregnancy and post-natally, therefore a 1:1 Pilates session is mandatory to best assess and accommodate your needs. It also ensures that we are made aware of any specific concerns you may have at the time. You are encouraged to update us on any changes throughout the course.

Medical clearance from your treating physician or midwife prior to commencing the class is required.


Depending on how many weeks postpartum you are, your current exercise status and strength some post-natal clients may be more suited to the antenatal class or our fundamental class with modifications. We will guide you into the class that will best help you to achieve your movement goals.

Contact us via phone or email to find out more. If booking online please add how many weeks pregnant you are in the additional comments section and we will send a questionnaire out to you prior to your first visit.